ABOUT Meat Point  

At Meat Point we sell sausages/boerewors, bacon, biltong, droëwors, pies, fresh Swiss meat and more. Hand-made in Switzerland, using traditional methods & recipes on locally sourced meat.


Meat Point has its head office, as well as a sales- and production unit in Switzerland.

In partnership with Closwa we manufacture beef biltong and other dried products in Namibia, and import it into Switzerland and EU. 

All goods are hand-made with locally sourced meat, using traditional recipes and methods.

For shipment to Basel www.meatpointbasel.ch

For shipment to Bern www.meatpointbern.ch

For shipment to Geneva www.meatpointgeneva.ch 

For shipment to Vaud & rest of Switzerland www.meatpoint.ch

For shipment to Zurich

Our official address is CPE (SA), 11 Chemin du Closel 1856 Corbeyrier, Vaud, Switzerland.